M105724 - M105724 Prestolite Leece Neville NEW Alternator

Direct Replacement LEECE NEVIILE - Direct Replacement, POWER PRO - Direct Replacement, PRESTOLITE - Direct Replacement

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PowerPro™ 7.5 series starters were engineered specifically for medium and heavy duty engines up to 16L. PowerPro 7.5 series starters include Prestolite’s Integral Magnetic Switch (IMS)Soft Start Relay technology to help eliminate voltage drop issues by minimizing wiring between the relay and solenoid. The series also includes a sealed noseless design to improve service life. A rotatable flange design is available, helping to increase coverage options and lower inventorystocking requirements.

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
M105724LEECE NEVIILEDirect Replacement
M9T85679MITSUBISHIDirect Replacement
07011054MCI Direct Replacement
M105724POWER PRODirect Replacement
07-01-1054MCI Direct Replacement
2132-8200436DELCODirect Replacement
21328200436DELCODirect Replacement
8200436DELCODirect Replacement
M105724PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement