BLD2305GH - Prestolite Leece Neville New Alternator BLD Series Brushless J180 Mount type 12V 140A

Direct Replacement LEECE-NEVILLE - Direct Replacement, PRESTOLITE - Direct Replacement

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Prestolite Leece Neville New Alternator BLD Series Brushless J180 Mount type 12V 140Amp. Clockwise Rotation Insulated return. SELF Excitation EXT Fan INT Regulator

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Brand Name PRESTOLITEWeight 30.0000LB
New vs. Reman NewRotation CW
Voltage 12Product Family BLD Series
Excitation Self ExciteLamp Driver Yes
Mounting Bolt Size 1/2-13 UNCNeg Stud Size 1/4-28 UNF
Positive Stud Size 5/16-24 UNFRectifier Location Internal
Shaft Diameter .8736-.8741SmartCheck No
Trio NoBrush/Brushless Brushless
Amperage Rating 140Fan Type External
Rotation Direction ClockwiseRegulator Type Internal
Mounting Type J180

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
LN110800MISC OEM MFG#Direct Replacement
LN110-800MISC OEM MFG#Direct Replacement
101211-8060DENSODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL,140 AMPS
101211-8050DENSODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
101211-8120DENSODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
D27-6001-0130JPACCARDirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
60-163-10MISC MFGDirect Replacement
L-NBLD2305GHROMAINEDirect Replacement
R0459138DETROIT DIESELDirect Replacement
R0459194DETROIT DIESELDirect Replacement
3558037C91INTERNATIONALDirect Replacement
BLD2305GHLEECE-NEVILLEDirect Replacement
2MJ53M2MACK TRUCKDirect Replacement
1-2057-00DR WAIDirect Replacement
1-2077-00DR WAIDirect Replacement
10459141DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
10459142DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
10459143DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
10459144DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
10459182DELCODirect Replacement
10459183DELCODirect Replacement
10459194DELCODirect Replacement
19011150DELCODirect ReplacementHAS LAMP TERMINAL 140 AMPS
19011155DELCODirect ReplacementHAS LAMP TERMINAL 140 AMPS
10459450DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
10459202DELCODirect Replacement
19011170DELCODirect Replacement
1117819DELCODirect Replacement
19011154DELCODirect Replacement
8700023DELCODirect Replacement
19011227DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
19011231DELCODirect Replacement
10459606DELCODirect Replacement
8700003DELCODirect Replacement
19011247DELCODirect Replacement
19011255DELCODirect Replacement
19011212DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
8700016DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
19011159DELCODirect Replacement
19011152DELCODirect Replacement
10459612DELCODirect Replacement140 AMPS, LAMP TERMINAL
19011261DELCODirect Replacement
10459451DELCODirect Replacement
19011232DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
19011234DELCODirect Replacement
8700025DELCODirect Replacement140 AMPS/ LAMP/ HEX SHAFT
8600064DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
10459287DELCODirect Replacement140 AMPS/ LAMP/ HEX SHAFT
19011163DELCODirect Replacement
19011151DELCODirect Replacement
10459607DELCODirect Replacement
8700017DELCODirect Replacement
19011228DELCODirect Replacement
10459613DELCODirect Replacement
19011214DELCODirect Replacement140 AMPS/ LAMP/ HEX SHAFT
19011156DELCODirect ReplacementHAS LAMP TERMINAL 140 AMPS
19011171DELCODirect ReplacementHAS LAMP TERMINAL 140 AMPS
19011244DELCODirect Replacement
19011160DELCODirect Replacement
19011249DELCODirect Replacement
8700027DELCODirect Replacement
19011213DELCODirect Replacement
8700006DELCODirect Replacement
10459610DELCODirect Replacement
19011233DELCODirect Replacement
8600126DELCODirect Replacement
19011172DELCODirect Replacement
19011169DELCODirect Replacement
19011246DELCODirect Replacement
19011179DELCODirect Replacement
19011158DELCODirect Replacement
19011263DELCODirect Replacement
8700005DELCODirect Replacement
19011266DELCODirect Replacement
10459206DELCODirect Replacement140 AMPS/ LAMP/ HEX SHAFT
19011211DELCODirect Replacement
19011260DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
8700024DELCODirect Replacement
19011229DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
8700026DELCODirect Replacement140 AMPS, LAMP TERMINAL
19011167DELCODirect Replacement
8600065DELCODirect Replacement
19011157DELCODirect Replacement
19011265DELCODirect Replacement
8700029DELCODirect Replacement
10459609DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
19011201DELCODirect Replacement
8700000DELCODirect Replacement
19011200DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL 140 AMPS
10459145DELCODirect Replacement
8700028DELCODirect Replacement
19011162DELCODirect Replacement
19011264DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
19011174DELCODirect Replacement
19011248DELCODirect ReplacementLAMP TERMINAL, 140 AMPS
110-800PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
BLD2305GHPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
BLD2305RMPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
321-708 AC DELCODirect Replacement
321-731 AC DELCODirect Replacement
321-732 AC DELCODirect Replacement
321-733 AC DELCODirect Replacement
321-734 AC DELCODirect Replacement