AVI555P - Prestolite Leece Neville New Alternator AVI Series PAD Mount type 12V 170A

Direct Replacement PRESTOLITE - Direct Replacement

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Prestolite Leece Neville New Alternator AVI Series PAD Mount type 12V 170Amp

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Brand Name PRESTOLITEWeight 18.5000LB
New vs. Reman NewVoltage 12
Product Family AVI SeriesBrush/Brushless Brush
Amperage Rating 170Fan Type Internal
Rotation Direction ClockwiseRegulator Type Internal
Mounting Type PADGround Type Negative

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
19020889DELCOAssociated Part
8600889DELCOAssociated Part
19020387DELCODirect Replacement
R0459341DELCODirect Replacement
8600227DELCODirect Replacement
8600231DELCODirect Replacement
AL9961LHBOSCHDirect Replacement
DR8600889DELCODirect Replacement
19020388DELCODirect Replacement
R0459340DELCODirect Replacement
8600405DELCODirect Replacement
10459321DELCODirect Replacement
8600519DELCODirect Replacement
43610459320DELCODirect Replacement
10459320RXDELCODirect Replacement
10459320DELCODirect Replacement
10459341DELCODirect Replacement
10459320RMANDELCODirect Replacement
DR19020388DELCODirect Replacement
DR10459321DELCODirect Replacement
10459340DELCODirect Replacement
60-404-220MISC MFGDirect Replacement
A9-024-0160PM PRIMA POWERDirect Replacement
FLT110444PINTERNATIONALDirect Replacement
FLT1001003INTERNATIONALDirect Replacement
LN110444PINTERNATIONALDirect Replacement
ZLN110444PINTERNATIONALDirect Replacement
L-NAVI555PROMAINEDirect Replacement
A24P160LEECE NEVIILEDirect Replacement
A22P150LEECE NEVIILEDirect Replacement
0 124 525 109BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124525109BOSCHDirect Replacement
R0459341DETROIT DIESELDirect Replacement
R0459340DETROIT DIESELDirect Replacement
D27-1009-0160PPACCARDirect Replacement
MDP2933PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
MDP2934PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
110-444PPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
110444PPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
43610459320WESTERN EQUIPMENTDirect Replacement
19020888DELCODirect Replacement
8600315DELCODirect Replacement
8700008DELCODirect ReplacementAlternator does not have connector
R045934DELCODirect Replacement
19020389DELCODirect Replacement
19020900DELCODirect ReplacementAlternator does not have connector
612630060266WEICHAIDirect Replacement
AVI143P2003PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
AVI555PPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
212-0110DENSO POWEREDGEDirect Replacement