110-684 - Prestolite Leece Neville New Alternator 8MR Series Spool Mount type 24V 40A

Direct Replacement PRESTOLITE - Direct Replacement

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Prestolite Leece Neville New Alternator 8MR Series Spool Mount type 24V 40Amp

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Brand Name PRESTOLITEWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewVoltage 24
Product Family 8MR SeriesBrush/Brushless Brush
Amperage Rating 40Fan Type External
Regulator Type InternalMounting Type Spool

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
191-1258ONANDirect Replacement
104021A1CASEDirect Replacement24V35A
M1530916CLARKDirect Replacement
7338AMPEREDirect Replacement
A41360 CASEDirect Replacement24V35A
10-24MOTOROLADirect Replacement
7077375HALLIBURTON SERVICESDirect Replacement
7488LESTERDirect Replacement
MA24M900MOTOROLADirect Replacement
7077375YAMAHADirect Replacement
C0191157000CUMMINSDirect Replacement
8MR3331GPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
70199280ALLIS CHALMERSDirect Replacement24V35A
7398LESTERDirect Replacement
A47432 CASEDirect Replacement24V35A
A43342 CASEDirect Replacement24V35A
L43846 CASEDirect Replacement24V35A
C019115700CUMMINSDirect Replacement
191-1193ONANDirect Replacement
60-143-90MISC MFGDirect Replacement
L-N110-684ROMAINEDirect Replacement
44-2348THERMO KINGDirect Replacement
44-2349THERMO KINGDirect Replacement
8MR3404GPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
110684PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
110-684PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
110-384PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement
A7523ACCUTEK KNIGHTDirect Replacement
110-24PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement24V35A WO/REG NO/IG. UK SB SA
110-59PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement24V35A WO/REG NO/IG. UK SB SA
A24NEB900PRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-24
8EM3003GPRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-284
MH24N901PRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-59
MH24N901APRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-59
MH24N901BPRESTOLITEDirect Replacement,LINKED TO 110-59
110-13PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement24V35A WO/REG NO/IG. UK SB SA
110-28PRESTOLITEDirect Replacement24V35A WO/REG NO/IG. UK SB SA
8EM3003GAPRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-284
A24JD900PRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-18
A24JD901PRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-18
A24N900PRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-13
A24N901PRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-13
A24NX900PRESTOLITEDirect ReplacementLINKED TO 110-13